Look and Feel of Minority Brogrammer Simulator


Minority Brogrammer Simulator is a mash-up of the relationship game mechanics of The Sims and the dissonance and realism of virual reality. The idea is to embed employees as much as possible in a real tech company. We made these design choices in direct answer to how divesity workshops typically presented scenarios involving discrimination--a short paragraph with a list of icebreaker questions. The paragraph itself puts a wall between employees and the scenario. As stated earlier in this proposal, this allows participants to remain centered in their own identity and position although they try to rationalize their approach to the scenario. 


To breakdown the wall, Minority Brogrammer Simulator uses the capabilities of virtual reality to ground the player in the experience of minority software engineer.  The Oculus Rift is the best virtual reality simulator on the market and has been highly successful with gamers. Thus, we propose using this technology to make the game world real and begin the process of decentering the player.


We understand, however, that some players have medical conditions that prevent them from using the Oculus Rift. Therefore, we can modify the game to switch between first person and third-person, similar to Grand Theft Auto 5.


Finally, Minority Brogrammer Simulator follows the feel and graphical quality of The Sims. This choice is partyl economic; it's partly in line with the look and feel of another game we produced at UW-Madison, Fair Play. The aesthetic is cartoony and comedic, yes, but the aesthetic is wrapped in the serious instances of discrimination and microaggression.

Information Design

Breakdown of the User Experience