Smooth Integrate Philosophy 

Our philosophy for improving workplace culture rests on smooth integration. Smooth integration is a concept that, as the name implies, calls for subtle, implicit, and slow transformation rather than fast and explicit instruction.


The typical diversity/equity workshop offers over instruction on creating inclusive environments, usually in a workshop that lasts a few hours. These workshops may require attendance on off days or during work hours. 


This type of workshop does not fit the workplace arrangement of many tech companies in Silicon Valley. It is too strict and boxed, an ethos that does not mesh well with the structure of Silicon Valley tech companies. 


Both Google and Facebook create an ethos of openness that reflects in the design of their offices--spacious bullpens that encourage collaboration. More important for our own interests, these companies have also installed game rooms, spaces for leisure activities such as billiards or Guitar Hero. 


Following the smooth integrate philosophy, Minority Brogrammer Simulator can be installed in any game room where players can be comfortable and are encouraged to play the game. All workplaces have their own policies on diversity training. We suggest, however, that tech companies ask employees to participate in the game in their spare time within a specific time frame.

The Room